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Our Story

Jane Coode and I met during the spring of 1991 whilst both working at the old St. Helens baths in Swansea. We both shared a love of swimming and instantly clicked with a strong friendship following fast. Realising Jane and I had so much in common we set up Poseidon Swim School during the summer of 1991.  When we started we had 200 pupils and 2 teachers which we employed.  Over the years, our customer base grew and currently stands at over 2,500 pupils with the school employing just over 25 staff.

During the years that followed we worked hard at becoming a self-sufficient school, training all our own Lifeguards and putting in place a teaching programme for prospective swimming teachers which we are very proud of.  Training our own staff means we always get an excellent calibre of teachers with a sound Poseidon attitude.


We are very much a family business which now employs my sister Anna Roberts (Senior Teacher) my brother Mark Roberts (Senior Lifeguard and Pool Maintenance) and my mum Thelma Roberts (Admin). Over the years Jane's son Tommy and all four of my children have worked for us too. 

Jane and I both love our job and our success comes from a lot of hard work and determination.    

That's us in 1991 when we first started!

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